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Shoutouts Archive (3rd November 2019)

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3rd November 2019

Susan 18:45

Of course they were in farmng clothes,thats cos it's a farm.

Neil 18:40

Also, did you just hear another sheep bleating, & the current time being displayed. The people seen were in real farming clothes & talking...Why don't you want to believe me either...we all have our different views!!!

Susan 18:38

So Why don't you believe an older person that is the only one from DAY1 of the site.

Susan 18:37

I ave known Lynda,Howard and Dan since Dan first started the site,

Susan 18:36

Yes you can here voices but it is all part of the video.

Susan 18:36

Neil Dan could be away and Lynda won't touch the machine just in case.

Neil 18:29

I don't think it is, Susan, there were real people, probably Dan & Lynda, earlier, & just heard another owl & sheep, ...certainly no Blood involved!....& I don't really think Dan would set up a video lasting as long as it has done so far.& if

Susan 18:24

What is wrong with you lot.It's a BLOODY VIDEO

Neil 17:43

Did anyone just hear what sounded like a screeching owl at approx 1740-41?

Helen 17:30

It's a left-over Hallowe'en prank.

Neil 14:50

It's certainly a sheepish way of sending us all batty hearing the sheep but not seeing them in their correct posture!...Baaaaa!

Gradon 13:19

I think this is what you call a bats view hung over after Halloween! Me thinks there might be sheep in the barn, the picture looks ok by turning my tablet upside down!

Neil 12:48

Hi Helen, yes, oyu could be right, or perhaps Dan is waiting to see if anyone feels they have had enough & offers to take over!

Susan 12:39

I said earlier on the picture you all can see is a video

Helen 12:29

Neil, I think the present picture is meant as a mental challenge, to see which one of us will admit to having been out on an all night bender, and see the world from upside down.

Neil 12:14

Hello All, looking ofrward ot seeing sheep & colourful skies again when possible, Have a Good Day meanwhile, All.

Helen 11:49

Not much happening in the upside-down barn, it seems.

Helen 11:48

Good morning everyone - we're back on standard time in Canada, so now five hours behind you again. Have a great day.

Cindy 08:46


Milly 07:24


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