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Shoutouts Archive (27th October 2019)

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27th October 2019

Neil 20:28

Thanks for the reminder Helen, I did notice earlier when I was busy otherwise, & thought to myself I must go back & capture that beautiful sky!

Helen 18:38

Pretty evening sky if you scroll back.

Neil 13:33

Hi All, Yes, helen, I heard that we are currently blessed with a dry, though cold weather front for a few days, rather different to yesterday's persistent rain. Enjoy your Day, All...

Helen 11:10

It looks like a beautiful day there. Enjoy it, all!

Susan 10:26

Morning All

Cindy 08:44


Milly 06:20

It was trying to snow here ,yesterday !!

Milly 06:18

Morning all ,this week coming ,will be drier ,thank goodness .

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