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Shoutouts Archive (20th October 2019)

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20th October 2019

Neil 17:48

Hi All, Yes, I hope all goes well with your Elections Helen, As you said we can't please All, all of the time, & Many thanks Kristin for your kind wishes, it will take time to get sorted, if at all. & Oh! yes, to be free of worries as our animals birds appear to be "free of our worries", but i guess they have others. Best Wishes All

Helen 17:35

Oh, Karen, you are so right. Although all of that controversy has a direct impact on people's lives, it's nice to just feast one's eyes on nature and see the larger picture, sky, green, sheep. Peace, healing and hope are what is needed, for sure. We have elections here in Canada tomorrow, but it is unlikely to be nearly so fractious (I hope!)

Kristin 16:33

Hello, all. And I hope your situation has been sorted, Neil. That is awful and stressful. I have been following the BBC coverage of your country’s negotiations and wish everybody resolution and healing. I often look at the sheep and the birds there and think how nice for them not to care about such things.

Helen 15:44

Hello, all.

Susan 12:06

Morning All

Cindy 09:02


Milly 06:22

Morning all

Helen 00:36

No perfect solution, and no one is going to be totally happy.

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