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Shoutouts Archive (19th October 2019)

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19th October 2019

Neil 21:35

Whoops!...I notice a few spelling mistakes..shows I'm tiring!!!

Neil 21:32

Yes, thanks, Helen, I've made substantial advances with additional security, which is taking it's time, but at least I've having the enjoyment of Parlia..Paanton..thankfully ithe results don't really bother me as I'm open=minded knowing either way with have good & bad points.

Helen 21:15

I did, Neil. I hope you can get the mess sorted out and have changed all your passwords. That's more than a nuisance, isn't it. Yes, ParliaPanto is dramatic, if not very funny! People must be in despair.

Neil 18:47

Thansk Helen, My Bank & ActionFraud are working on the problem, Yes, I'm watching "Parliament Panto" as I'm calling it...Oh! yes I am!!! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving last weekend.

Helen 18:22

So annoying, Neil. Hope it's sorted. I've spent a good deal of this day watching the BBC coverage of what's happening in Westminster. Nice weather for all those folks on the street, but probably quite frustrating for a lot of other folks.

Milly 17:32

Happy birthday Howard

Neil 17:09

Hi Folk, A belated Happy Birthday to Susan & Happy Birthday Howard, I hope you were/are able to enjoy your Birthdays, & that Everyone is able to be enjoying Good Days, too ...whilst you may have noticed my absence over the last few days, whilst having suffered computer scamming problems.hopefully now sorted.

Helen 15:52

Kind of a glowering sky there at the moment. Clear and sunny here but quite cold - Frost last night.

Helen 12:42

A very happy birthday to Howard!

Margaret 10:21

A Very Happy Birthday Howard... enjoy your Special Day x

Susan 09:59

Thanks for the Birthday wishes from yesterday.

Susan 09:58

Morning All,

Cindy 08:48


Milly 08:35

Morning all

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