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Shoutouts Archive (16th October 2019)

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16th October 2019

Helen 20:13

Checked back - nice sky.

Neil 19:11

& with Sheep in the frame, too, thanks Susan!

Susan 17:37

What a lovely pinkish sky.

Helen 13:39

I know the feeling! It's nice to look in on someone else's sunshine and blue sky.

Kristin 12:37

It is, Helen. Especially when it is 5:36 am and still pitch dark outside my windows!

Helen 12:36

Nice way to begin the day, Kristin.

Kristin 12:35

Hello, all. Blue skies, sunshine and sheep—a beautiful sight!

Neil 11:51

Yes, thanks Helen, I was jsut about to say whilst on the phone...quick, Sheep alert, with Sun shining...intermittently between the clouds...

Helen 11:44

Brown sheep, centre stage.

Helen 11:20

My day has just started at 6.00 a.m. with a loud clap of thunder. That got me out of bed in a hurry. And I hear an airplane over the farm.

Neil 11:11

Hello Folk, Hope you're having a Good Day despite no sheep being in sight at the moment...

Cindy 09:11


Debbie 08:49

Good morning

Milly 06:28

Morning all

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