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Shoutouts Archive (15th October 2019)

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15th October 2019

Neil 21:19

Baaaa!...with that, I must sheepishly bid you all Goodnight...

Helen 21:14

You got it - some things cross Ponds and national boundaries - I guess it's a cultural thing from everyone's childhood.

Neil 21:08


Helen 20:35

It's beginning to sound like Old MacDonald had a farm, with a baa baa here and a moo moo there....

Neil 20:20

yes, I thought of that idea earlier in the day, but then forgot about it!...Baaa! Mooo!

Helen 20:05

Worse and worse, Neil. Not sure I can come up with another one, except that John Ber-'cow' might not be welcome in a field of sheep.

Neil 19:43

Let's hope there will be no long-lasting regrettable ramifications!

Helen 17:32

Ramming, indeed.

Helen 17:32

I think Susan is right. Bercow wouldn't stand a chance. Those sheep pack more energy into a shove than you can imagine.

Gradon 16:47

Hello! That sheep facing the cam looks familar,he used like sitting in front of the cam!

Neil 14:02

Awe....Ewe were quick with that 1 Susan....Baaa! Very Good...I wonder, if in relation to Helen's idea how quickly they the sheep would respond to the thought of & smell of Fooood! ...Baaaa!

Susan 14:00

Helen,They would RAM Bercow and put him on his bum.

Helen 13:53

Neil, I wonder how they would respond to John Bercow - they would probably ignore him. Sheep tend to do their own thing, unless it's someone they know.

Neil 13:34

"Order!"..."Order!",,,..Sheep are slowly flocking towards us....!

Gradon 13:06

Baa, Good day and Happy Thanksgiving today folks. Though some very Sheepish remarks being said here today! No pulling any wool over my eyes!

Helen 11:56

Good morning. Thanks, Neil, for picking up my pun.

Neil 11:46

Good Morning All...Aye, Aye, Helen, Very Good...Hope you enjoyed a Good Thanksgiving...Have a Good Day Everyone...

Cindy 09:06


Debbie 08:54

Good morning

Milly 07:22

Morning Helen and all

Helen 01:44

Good night and good morning. I am just off to bed.

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