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Shoutouts Archive (14th October 2019)

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14th October 2019

Helen 20:26

'The eyes have it' - great fun watching them in the dark.

Neil 18:59

Yes, the overture went through my mind when I typed the time!.. The horizon still looks quite bright now, even though the foreground is dark. Below the horizon at 184654, 2 luminous eyes start approaching the cam, stand contemplating for a few about a minute before then deciding to come & have a closer look at the cam!

Helen 18:48

Oh, that's lovely, Neil. Glad you reminded me to look. I hope it means a brighter day tomorrow. I have to admit (being a musician) that when said "1812" I thought I might hear an orchestra with drums and cannons.

Neil 18:15

Colourful sky with Sheep enjoying their supper graze on the field brow @approx 1812...

Helen 15:46

The hens are on the move.

Helen 13:40

Thank you very much, Kristin. So grateful to Dan for fixing the site - I couldn't access it earlier. Enjoy your day.

Kristin 12:25

Happy Thanksgiving, Helen, and hello to all. And it is nice to see both white and black sheep grazing this morning/day.

Ric 10:56

Good morning!

Cindy 09:07


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 07:03

Enjoy your turkey !

Milly 07:02

Morning Helen and all

Helen 01:15

Good night and good morning to all. Thanksgiving Monday for us. Heaven help the turkeys. (And the pumpkins)

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