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Shoutouts Archive (13th October 2019)

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13th October 2019

Helen 14:15

I see the sheep, Neil. They are actually much closer than they look on camera. The lens distorts the distance.

Neil 13:28

I had a feeling it is going to be on Monday having looked it up after you commented, Don't eat too much & regret!!!...probably easier said than done!!!!

Helen 13:26

Thanks, Neil - the big day (with turkey) is really tomorrow but it's lovely to have a long weekend.

Neil 13:24

Hello All, Happy Thanksgiving, Helen, "B" & all Fellow Canadians, Hope you are All having a Good Day...a few sheep to be seen in the distance @ approx 1323....

Susan 10:43

Morning All

Helen 09:00

Good morning, everyone.

Cindy 08:52


Milly 06:09

Morning all

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