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Shoutouts Archive (12th October 2019)

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12th October 2019

Helen 23:43

Glad you found it.

"B" 22:32

Thank you Helen, exactly what I was looking for, also scroled to 18.30h, yes, a beautiful sky

Helen 22:24

Try this, "B" [link]

Helen 22:20

"B", if you scroll right down to the bottom of your page, you might find what you are looking for. Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for Camgrabs, which should have some still images from the sunset.

"B" 22:04

I used to be able to bring a calender to the web page & select a recent datwhich enabled me to scrole through the images from that day - It seems to have vanished or maybe it's me. Please help!

Helen 21:43

For anyone watching this evening, run the video feed back to about 18.30 and watch for a few minutes. It's absolutely beautiful to see the colours in the sky.

Helen 18:28

Happy Thanksgiving, "B".

Helen 18:28

And beautiful sky, too.

"B" 17:57

Sheep in the gloaming!

Neil 17:30

Wow! I hope I haven't missed the best of that...lol!...Baa!

Helen 17:15

The effect is of mist.

Helen 17:15

Wow, that's lovely - probably the screen has been kissed, but it is diffusing the most wonderful light in shades of white and pink.

Helen 15:10

Sheep! Wonderful. First time I've seen any for a long time.

Kristin 14:40

They are mid-field at 14:39, Neil. Looks like a pretty day for everyone there.

Neil 12:25

"Sheep in sight Alert"....@ approx 1218 @ slightly before...on the horizon on the Marlborough Field...!

Helen 11:43

Good morning, all! I don't see any sheep but I do see some sunshine. May it continue. Enjoy your day - a long weekend here in North America.

Neil 11:20

Good Morning Folk, It looks a better morning at Lambwatch at first sight, but hope All of you are keeping warm & dry where ever you are....Enjoy your day if you can...

Ric 11:03

Good morning!

Susan 10:09

Morning All

Milly 08:47

Morning all

Cindy 08:46


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