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Shoutouts Archive (11th October 2019)

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11th October 2019

Helen 17:21

Furnace time, for sure. Hope you have a good working fireplace? I can smell wood smoke in my neighbourhood, a sure sign of 'fall'.

Kristin 16:58

Helen, yes, we did get snow, yesterday—only a couple of inches but the temperatures dove down into the teens (Fahrenheit) and are still there today making the house feel chilly.

Kristin 16:55

Hello all. Some sheep out grazing in the gray and blustery wind! Beautiful.

Helen 12:20

Just past noon, so a very late good morning to everyone.

Milly 11:29

We have more of this yet, Neil .

Neil 09:41

Good Morning All, yes, Milly, I saw all the rain falling, or rather, being blown about by the winds last evening, I hope you have good Wellie's, but a better, drier day today...

Cindy 08:55


Milly 08:24

We will be growing Finns ,before long !!

Milly 08:23

Morning all

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