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Shoutouts Archive (9th October 2019)

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9th October 2019

Helen 20:57

Thanks for the tip, Sue - I went back and looked at it. Very nice. Hope your weather improves.

Susan 18:54

Lovely sunset even through the rain

Neil 17:44

Hello Folk, Glad you had a good time away Helen, good to see you back, Hope Everyone is having a Good Day...

Helen 17:31

Oh dear, the commas are all in the wrong place. Brain not in gear today!!

Helen 17:30

Oh, dear, yes you, might, Kristin. Alberta is expecting a huge amount. We have bright sunny skies here, in the 60s, and no threat of winter for a while. Stay safe.

Kristin 15:28

Happy wet day. We may get our first snow of the season tonight or tomorrow.

Helen 12:01

Good morning, all.

Cindy 08:54


Debbie 08:50

Good morning

Milly 06:50

Morning all

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