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Shoutouts Archive (29th September 2019)

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29th September 2019

Neil 19:02

Hello Folk, yes we've had very heavy intermittent showers today, too..

Susan 17:10

We have had downpours of rain all night and day and it's cold over here.

Helen 16:53

Really the first autumn day we've had here. It was 11c this morning, but with the sun, it's quite pleasant - no rain or wind. For Kristin, 11c is the low 50sF.

Susan 14:45

Yes inside with heating on

Kristin 14:00

Hello all. I hope you stay warm and dry.

Helen 12:19

Hello, all. Cold here but stopped raining.

Ric 11:15

Good morning!

Susan 10:26

Poured with rain all night and still coming down.

Cindy 09:12


Milly 07:11

Morning all

Helen 01:17

Definitely raining. We are getting the full sound effects. Sleep well, sheep (and people).

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