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Shoutouts Archive (26th September 2019)

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26th September 2019

Ric 22:12

Good night! Send the rain to Florida (but no hurricanes)!

Helen 22:10

I hope everyone has a good night, and a better day tomorrow. Our rain this morning turned into glorious sunshine. I wish you the same.

Neil 12:26

Hello All, Yes a wet day again, & a very rough blustery one over Shetland, seeing the webcams there, with the lifeboat recently responding to a shout, hopefully not with too serious consequences.... Have a Good Day & Stay Safe, All...

Helen 12:25

Well, I discovered, when it got light enough, that it is raining here, as well, a soft rain that I didn't hear. We need it, too.

Helen 11:29

Still raining? Sorry, but perhaps you need it there. Anyway, good morning to all.

Ric 11:05

Good morning!

Cindy 08:58


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 08:13

I'm glad the sheep got up,and moved on,it looked ill.

Milly 06:28

Morning all

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