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Shoutouts Archive (25th September 2019)

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25th September 2019

Helen 21:19

Sorry about that, Susan. I was able to get it just by clicking on it - I was surprised, to be honest, that I could access it.

Susan 15:18

Can't even get it up on facebook lambwatch

Neil 15:10

Congratulations & Good Luck with the contination of such a Good Project...

Margaret 15:09

I don't have Twitter but I could hear okay Susan..

Susan 14:57

Couldn't get the info to hear as I don't have Twitter.

Margaret 14:31

Really good... hopefully other farmers will do the same.

Helen 14:30

That's terrific - lovely to see the three of you and to hear about your great project. Every little bit helps save the planet.

Dan 14:18

News from LambWatch HQ... [link]

Helen 12:35

Hello, all.

Ric 12:19

Hi, all. Looks a little stormy on the farm. I see the sheep did get up and move on. Have a great day!

Kristin 12:13

...and Helen and Neil, not to be outdone on soap operas, let me present my country. But, back to the sheep. Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook article on Marlfield Farm’s conservation efforts. I will look that up when I get to work today. Nice way to start the day with good news!

Neil 11:32

Good Morning Folk, I hope the sheep to the left in the foreground is all right..I guess that is the one Milly is referring to, it certainly looks rather sad & bloated to me. Yes, I agree with you Helen, watching sheep is much less stressful, & much more entertaining. Hope you're all having a Good Day

Milly 10:42

Hope this sheep is ok ?

Cindy 08:52


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 08:11

I can hear a lamb !

Milly 06:54

Morning all

Helen 00:15

Well, I've got a picture! I'm on an old computer and thought I wouldn't be able to access the image, but things have changed overnight! Woohoo!

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