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Shoutouts Archive (24th September 2019)

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24th September 2019

Helen 21:40

Oh, we noticed! Like a soap opera. Watching sheep is much less stressful and more beautiful.

Neil 19:11

& certainly a very "interesting" time on the UK news, too!!!!

Helen 19:07

Thanks Neil. I'm watching BBC news - sounds like an interesting sky, indeed!

Neil 19:04

Thanks Helen & All @ Marlfield I'll look out the Fb article, it sounds very interesting, Meanwhile there's a very colourful sky @190405 approx, post Sunset.

Neil 18:58

@approx 185427: Not wanting to be nosy, but am I right in saying, "I-spy! i can see a reflection of 4 Folk in the grass, lower, slightly left of mid-screen!"

Helen 18:57

A very interesting little article on Facebook about how Marlfield Farm is engaged in environmental protection and flood prevention. Seems like a small beginning but the more people involved, the more effective this plan could be.

Neil 17:25

Hi Folk, Cheer up, & we did & so things got worse!...that was a little verse our late (Gradon & my) Dad had in his workshop!!!...to try & cheer you up, has anyone noticed there is a sheep to be seen in the field, or at least the head of one, with a protruding left horn, just on the right side of the buffering circle, about mid-screen,...Hmm! if you have some kind of imagination!...Baaa!..i think I ought to go & get some brain food! Enjoy your day if you can...

Helen 16:10

Cheer up, Ric, I'm on an old computer (Good one is in for repairs) so I cannot get a picture. Maybe the sheep don't want us watching while they do their courting?

Ric 12:12

Feed keeps timing out.

Kristin 12:01

Good afternoon! I hop you are all warm and dry with your rain. The sheep don’t seem phased as I watch them happily grazing.

Milly 11:23

Such a dark ,rainy day !

Ric 11:00

Good morning!

Helen 10:59

Good morning, all.

Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Cindy 08:38


Milly 05:51

Morning all

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