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Shoutouts Archive (23rd September 2019)

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23rd September 2019

Helen 22:31

Hello, all. I am having computer problems, so if I disappear, it's just the electronics in my life.

Kristin 15:34

What a beautiful view of resting sheep at 15:33!

Neil 15:08

Hello All, UK mid afternoon, yes, Kirsty there was certainly some activity yesterday, & it sounds as though I missed some this morning....Baaa! hope you're all enjoying your day...

Helen 12:40

Forgot to say "Good morning" or "G'day" to all.

Helen 12:40

So, one tup removed? It sounds like it from Gradon's comment.

Kristin 11:51

“Autumn” is a beautiful word, Neil. And, it sounds like I missed the show, yesterday, but look forward to seeing the new herd here in the field and their antics!

Ric 10:30

Good morning all!

Gradon 09:15

Good Morning,Oh Dan, Well Done! Though that looked exhausting work.herding the flockright round the field to seperate one and move out of the field!

Cindy 09:13


Debbie 08:42

Good morning

Milly 05:53

Morning all

Helen 00:53

Oh, I suspect they are. It will be an interesting time.

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