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Shoutouts Archive (22nd September 2019)

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22nd September 2019

Gradon 22:53

13 Sheep arrived this afternoon, though I am not sure if the 2 boys are still there!

Helen 20:45

Oh, are we up for some entertainment in the field? Great fun. Meanwhile, in Toronto, it is 31c. Last kick at summer, maybe.

Milly 19:45

Ooo i wonder who they are ?

Neil 19:14

Sun has set, leaving a beautifully coloured sky-drop behind a good flock of sheep

Neil 18:27

182255: Uh! Oh! I hope I haven't spoken too soon, We have a 4 legged investigator having a good sniff around the cam...luckinly was not able to achieve any damage, perhaps thanks to Dan's adjustments a day or so ago.......Baaa!...Sorry sheep!

Gradon 18:26

Good Evening Oh what a tong wash for the screen, Also the boys are not alone! Is it time for Lamb making! I wonder!

Neil 18:19

At approx 1725 on.. we appear to have some "entertainers" arrive, I think...let's hope they behave themselves with the webcam!...Baaaa!

Neil 18:18

Thanks Helen. Enjoy....

Helen 16:43

It comes later in North America, Neil, so we get a longer summer than you do!

Neil 16:15

p.s. having just checked, the Autumnal Equinox will be passed at 0850 UK time, Monday 23 September this year.

Neil 16:08

Oh yes. thanks to you, Kristin that we have now passed the Autumnal Equinox...as you probably have gathered we in England tend to call your "Fall" Season, Autumn!...with the nights growing longer & the days shorter!

Kristin 14:56

Happy first day of Fall, everyone! And, Helen, thanks for letting me know the name of the little village.

Neil 13:08

Hi All, I can see the grass appears to be looking more of a fresh green after the storm, I'm sure the grass & other vegetation will be relishing a fresh input of moisture. Hope you're all having a Good Day, it's Sunshine & occasional showers here in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Helen 12:46

Hello again. And I see raindrops, which confirms Milly's remark about the storm. Nothing bu grey skies today, I guess.

Milly 09:29

Well we started the day with a storm !

Cindy 09:12


Milly 06:41

Morning Helen and all

Helen 06:27

It is a small village just west of the farm and down the hill.

Helen 06:16

Kristin, I think you are looking at the lights of Earby.

Kristin 03:35

I see a bit of that, too, Helen. Since I am not from there, can anyone tell me what town lights I can see at night in the mid-left of the camera? Just curious.

Helen 02:13

Oh, it's windy tonight out there. I can see the dock leaves waving in the wind.

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