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Shoutouts Archive (21st September 2019)

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21st September 2019

Helen 18:24

What a pretty sky - filled with pastels. Just lovely.

Kristin 16:31

Hello everyone. Oh I like the new perspective on things! It will be pretty when the snow falls, too. (Or shouldn’t I have brought the S-word up?)

Gradon 15:48

There is a bird of prey nearby, I can hear its call,possibly a Red Kite or a Buzzard!

Neil 14:58

Hello Folk, Yes, I agree again it's a Wonderful View, Thanks Dan, & thanks too, to Helen & others, for helping place some perspective onto the scene in darkness last night. Have a Good Day Everyone....

Gradon 13:48

Thankyou Dan and Helen, I thought it would be a too good a view fo the boys to produce! There is certainly a Robin nearby! As for that bee or is it a fly!

Helen 13:39

That was Dan, Gradon - yesterday sometime. Gives us a fabulous view, especially of the western sky in the evening.

Gradon 13:26

I think I just heard a Robin singing in the background, first time for a couple of months!

Gradon 13:19

Good afternoon, oh the cam has turned to the left now seeing the big tree in the field and less of the wall! Now was that Dan or the boys! There is a lot of bleating going on! In the bacground!

Ric 13:05

Yep, windy and the sun directly overhead now; no shadows.

Helen 12:06

Good morning - it looks and sounds windy there.

Ric 11:12

Good morning!

Milly 09:51

Beautiful day again,but a cold wind !

Cindy 09:05


Milly 06:47

Morning all, ,,,,Beautiful sunset last night ,but its set to change.

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