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Shoutouts Archive (20th September 2019)

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20th September 2019

Neil 22:25

Hi Helen, yes, thanks, I can see now with tilting the screen . I can also see a lighter shade extending a little way up from the Earby lights you mention, Many thanks, Much Appreciated.

Helen 22:16

Neil, with the angle that the camera is now, you can see a few lights in the village of Earby, down the hill. I can see them now, at 22.00. It's also a very clean lens and a very clear view, and you can see a bank of cloud in the west, still picking up a reflected glow.

Neil 21:24

Many thanks Ric, too. Also Much Appreciated.

Ric 21:21

With infrared, it's ability to sense light fades with distance. That's why the foreground is so much brighter.

Neil 21:15

Thanks again, Much appreciated, I didn't know how far the farm land area extends before reaching a built up area.

Susan 21:13

No street lights around the farm must be at least 2/3 miles down the hill

Neil 20:56

Thanks Susan, I presume you mean the light showing the cam is operating; I guess i was also right in thinking the glow in the background half an hour ago or so was from the setting Sun, otherwise it it was from Street lights it would still be showing.

Susan 20:50

It's the ifra red light on the ca

Neil 20:44

Thanks Ric, I know the cam switches to infra-red at night but I wonder what it is that appears to light up the foreground but not further back?

Ric 20:38

I'm not sure there is any light; the camera likely switches to infrared at night.

Neil 20:32

...or possibly the glow from streetlights from a nearby Village!

Neil 20:31

Whoops" ...a typo error..I meant form the Sun that has now set!

Neil 20:30

How lovely to see the glow in the background, remaining for the Sun that has now set, with the grass lit in the foreground, presumably by floodlight!

Ric 19:42

I think they just stopped for the night.

Ric 19:29

Looks like two tractors out there.

Ric 19:22

Yep, I saw them drop a roll.

Helen 19:21

With the screen at the right angle I can see the machine working.

Helen 19:18

The beauty of long twilights in the northern hemisphere.

Helen 19:17

And another wonderful sky!

Ric 19:09

Cutting or bailing with the last shred of light!

Neil 18:25

That's a pleasure, Margaret, Good to hear you're enjoying your Special Day.

Margaret 17:28

Thank you Helen, Neil, Dan and Milly for my birthday greetings. I had a good morning and this afternoon played in a bowls match in lovely sunshine ...

Helen 15:11

What a view!

Dan 14:16

Big machines

Milly 13:45

Happy birthday Margaret xx

Dan 13:04

Happy Birthday Margaret

Neil 12:43

Hello Everyone, &....Happy Birthday 2 U....(no, not Ewe!)...Happy Birthday to Margaret,...Hope you're having a Very Happy Day,...Happy Birthday To Margaret, From Us All @ Lambwatch...

Helen 12:34

Happy Birthday, Margaret! Have a wonderful day.

Margaret 11:13

Thank you Susan. I do look in regularly but haven't been doing much chatting..

Ric 11:06

Early morning here in rainy Florida.

Susan 11:04

Lovely to see you on Margaret

Ric 11:04

Good morning!

Margaret 10:20

Love the new view from the webcam.

Margaret 10:20

Thank you Cindy and Susan for your birthday greetings.

Susan 10:13

Happy Birthday Margaret,Have a Fabulous day.

Cindy 09:07


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 06:45

Lovely to hear the sound !,,,,,thank you Dan ,

Milly 06:43

Morning all

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