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Shoutouts Archive (19th September 2019)

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19th September 2019

Helen 22:57

Goodnight, Neil. I love to hear the owls, even when I don't see them. I don't think we have Tawnies over here. The statistics posted today say that we have 3 billion fewer birds here since 1970 (which is about when I began birding) - but they are diminishing in numbers.

Neil 22:18

Hi Helen, It must have been a great sight seeing the Owl & juvenile, I'll keep a look out, I just heard a few screeches as I reduced the frame to chat. but must sign off for tonight..Sweet Dreams when that time reaches you.

Helen 22:09

I hear the owl.

Helen 21:38

Well this is funny. I wonder how many sheep are in the field, because I see at least three sets of eyes, I think.

Helen 20:51

I think Susan saw them, too.

Helen 20:05

Neil, you might be interested to know I have actually seen the tawny on the cam. We used to have a "LAMBWATCH" sign in the middle of the pasture, and one evening in September, some years ago, an adult and a juvenile were sitting on the sign. We hear them fairly often this time of year.

Neil 19:59

& now lovely to hear the Tawny Owl against the backdrop of the sunset, thanks again Dan for making it is possible & enjoyable.

Helen 19:33

HI, Ric - yes, especially this evening with that sky.

Ric 19:23

Hi, Helen! Loving the sight and sounds.

Helen 19:17

Magnificent sky and sunset. Wow. New camera position gives us the best. Hello to Ric, whom we haven't seen for a while.

Neil 19:02

& now the setting Sun at 1901 onwards....

Neil 18:48

wHOOPWhoops! apologies for typing the following in the wrong key & most being in caps...I shall have to go for typing lessons!!!!..cOLOURFUL SKY @APPROX1844; nO tUPS VISIBLE...THEY ARE PROBABLY HAVING A BEHAVIOUR LESSON!...LOL! BUT OCCASIONAL; BUZZING INSECT CAN BE HEARD BY MICROPHONE.....

Ric 18:42

Wow! Hadn't been here in a couple of years. You probably have no idea the depth of feelings, this view and the sounds invokes.

Neil 16:33

Many thanks Dan, Much Appreciated..next on your list is to organise more behavioral tuition for your "Dear Tups"!...lol!

Helen 16:16

It sure looks like a lovely day there - our September days are glorious too.

Helen 16:15

Absolutely stunning view now (not of Dan, but of the horizon) just beautiful.

Helen 16:14

There's Dan in a red and white shirt. Thanks for the cam and the sound.

Dan 16:01

Our lovely lambwatch camera is back with sound

Helen 12:57

Yep - they've been playing around with the cam. I noticed it last night.

Neil 11:26

G'Morning All...Have those "Dear" Tups been up to their tricks again? Bless Them! Have a Good Day Everyone...

Cindy 08:57


Milly 05:56

Morning all

Milly 05:55

No live stream !

Helen 01:04

I think the camera's off again. It say's it's 20.01. Since it's already 20.05 here in Toronto, either the world has turned back on its axis, or the camera's stuck.

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