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Shoutouts Archive (18th September 2019)

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18th September 2019

Helen 21:08

I scrolled back to see them. They look very contented.

Kristin 19:31

Yes I’m in the Mountain Time zone, so it is just 12:30 pm here. And, nice to see both boys a minute ago, but one is camera shy, again.

"B" 18:49

The two boys are sitting top left in the picture to balance the image - maybe waiting to have their picture taken!

"B" 18:48

Hello, yes Helen I am in the Central Time Zone currently with an hour added for "Summer time"

Helen 18:43

I forgot to check in today, but I hope you've all had or are having a great day. It's lovely in Toronto in what is now early afternoon, and evening for the UK. Kristin and "B" are behind me.

Milly 17:41

Yes i see them too!

Gradon 14:22

Good Afternoon all! Yey! I can at last see the two boys!After weeks of not seeing anything!Though they are at the bottom of the field!

Neil 12:17

Hello All, just turned afternoon here in England, Many thanks for your kind words Helen & Kristin, Much Appreciated, I'm feeling much better today thanks,Hope you're all having a Good Day when you reach it,...& hopefully after managing a good period of sleep Kristin,

Debbie 09:03

Good morning

Cindy 08:52


Kristin 07:19

I serve on my town board of a little mountain town (in Colorado) and it was a very late meeting tonight. The upside is that I am still not asleep and actually get to say “good morning” to the majority of you who are actually waking up!

Kristin 07:16

I’m sorry to hear that, Neil, but I understand. I’m glad you can come here and see a peaceful field and frolicking sheep, sometimes, and that you say “hello”. Hope your day improves.

Milly 05:27

Morning all

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