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Shoutouts Archive (13th September 2019)

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13th September 2019

Helen 20:11

I guess you just have to steer around the patches of dock? Good luck - I hope the weather holds.

Dan 18:36

Haytime again at LambWatch HQ. We are making hay in the LambWatch field

Helen 17:33

post - maybe I've lost the entire plot.

Helen 17:32

Well, I lost the verb in that last pot. They "go" off on jaunts....

Helen 15:58

Kristin, I think they off on jaunts, and just show up when it suits them. I saw them once, a while ago, too, so they are not a myth.

Kristin 15:10

Hello everyone. Looks like a quiet but beautiful field there, today. I did see both of the sheep Dan said were in this field, yesterday. So I know they are hiding out there, somewhere!

Neil 13:29

Very Many Thanks again, Much Appreciated...& relieved that the fault was not one I had to try & tackle on my laptop!

Dan 13:25

Yep. I made a little tweak

Cindy 12:15

Live Chat is now in its original position so a big thank you to Dan

Helen 12:00

I'm just happy to see the chat messages, wherever they are, and I just keep scrolling till I find them. Hope everyone has a good day.

Neil 11:54

Hello All, Many thanks Folk for your contributions towards my problems rasied about the display of Live Chat not recently being shown beside the Live cam screen, & Many Thanks Dan for hopefully solving the problem as on my laptop both are now being displayed side by side again, Very Much Appreciated, Hope You Are All having or will have a a Good Day, I agree it will be better when we can see more sheep again on the Live Cam screen...Hmm! I can rtead your thoughts Dan..."some Folk are never satisfied, are they?"!!!

Cindy 09:10

Hello - I still have to scroll down the home page to find Live Chat - the usual position for Chat is filled by adverts.

Debbie 08:49

Good morning

Milly 08:29

On my phone, which i use ,mostly, the messages are below the cam.

Milly 08:25

Morning all

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