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Shoutouts Archive (12th September 2019)

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12th September 2019

Helen 21:16

Oh, happy day. We'll all be clicking 'ctrl' and plussing and minussing, and forgetting that we just really want to watch those beautiful sheep. It's something like not seeing the forest for the trees or something. Oh, well, whatever works.

Neil 20:43

I've just tried Cntl/- but have to click about 6 times to get both the View & Live Chat on 1 screen, but both too small as there is a Norton 360 advert & then the Blog followed by the LiveChat below that...all in 1 column...all blank on the half to the right, thanks for trying, Helen, see what develops from Dan trying again, & anyone else saying what they have, thanks Folk...

Helen 19:34

I just tried it again on my laptop. If I reduce it by one click using ctrl and minus, the dialogue goes up beside the picture. It must be whatever kind of computer one is using. Right now the webcam image is to my left, but my print is too small for me to read. We're all different.

"B" 19:21

I have the same problem with positioning of text, it seems to be intermittent & uncontrolable. I now just look for it in all place!

Neil 16:57

Hi Helen, just seen your mssg thanks, & tried the Cntl with +/-, It certainly increased/reduced the size of the 2 sections but didn't bring them side by side, probably as the Blog section is currently between them, ...but didn't bring them together, either. Thanks, anyway.

Helen 15:16

Hi, Neil, I see your message. Mine is always below the live picture, and I would have to reduce the size of my page (and the print) considerably to be able to have the message and the photo side by side. But try it - use the CTRL key and the plus or minus sign to adjust the size of the print and image on your screen. I only have a small screen, and some vision problems.

Neil 15:02

Hello Folk, Just testing here to see if my message will post after a few days of not being able to see the Live Chat Box, until Dan kindly directed me to it below seeing our Beloved sheep, Many thanks Dan, & hopefully you will be able to successfully restore it to being beside the sheep view again sometime. Hopefully you are all having a Good Day at some point within the 24 hour period.

Kristin 12:38

A lone sheep wandering across the mid-field—first one I’ve seen in a while. Happy day to all.

Helen 12:37

Hello all! I was late to bed, so am late to say Good day to everyone.

Cindy 08:50


Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Milly 07:10

Morning all

"B" 05:50

Hello Helen, Probably latest as we are one hour behind you, it's almost midnight here now

Helen 05:45

Good morning, everyone. Hope you have a grand day. I must be the latest up, or maybe the earliest.

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