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Shoutouts Archive (6th September 2019)

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6th September 2019

Helen 23:03

Thanks for the info - I wondered if they were dock, but haven't really seen any since I was a child, so wasn't sure. Are there too many of them to dig them out?

Neil 21:02

Thanks Dan for your reassurance, too. From what I remember they are quite deep rooted, so Good Luck in trying to clear them organically...hoping that's the right term.

Dan 21:00

Yep dock leaves. The top part of the field is full of them and it is my aim to get rid of them without the use of chemicals

Neil 20:51

Great minds think alike, "B", my first instinct earlier was to say "Dock leaves" but I dare not say as my experience is from when I sued to stay on my Gt. Aunt & Uncle's farm in Northamptonshire, way back in the 1950-60's, & your remedy for stings, I remember is just what my Gt. Aunt Dory used to say when in my short trousers at that time, happened to come across some nettles among the many cowpats in the field!..Thanks for your reassurance, "B"!.

"B" 20:45

Maybe Helen they are Dock leaves, quite common in Northen UK,; they often grow near Stinging Nettles, which if crushed to release sap & rubbed on the affected part will ease the sting from the nettles.

Helen 19:40

It is a sea of green. I wonder what the big-leafed things are? (Being totally unfamiliar with what grows in English pastures green!)

Kristin 16:31

A sea of green on the camera! And now I am off to my community garden to harvest some tomatoes.

Neil 14:27

Hello All. Hope you're having or will have a Good Day....

Helen 11:01

Good morning, all! Have a lovely day.

Cindy 09:10


Debbie 08:42

Good morrning

Milly 07:31

Morning all

Milly 07:30

I hope things get better for you Sue,

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