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Shoutouts Archive (1st September 2019)

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1st September 2019

Susan 17:09

We are so lucky in England for no rain,just been watching the Vuelta de Espana and they have had thunder/lightening/hailstones for the last hour .Feel so sorry for the riders

Susan 16:34

Thanks to whoever got the cam back

Helen 16:20

Well, I heard one of our 'guys', but they must be behind the camera and out of view.

Kristin 16:03

Hate those bad days. Hope it improves, Susan. The view is beautiful there at the farm, today!

Helen 15:26

Thanks, Dan, for restoring the cam. Susan, hope your day improves.

Susan 15:25

would be good to get cam back and that would make my day as had a horrible day so far.

Neil 14:14

Now, do you really think scolding the tups would do any good, Helen? Hello Everyone, Hope oyu're having a good day at some point during this 24 hour period...

Helen 13:03

Those tups need scolding.

Helen 13:02

Hello all! Kristin, there are lots of small places in Ontario where they take their garbage to the dump, as well. Either that, or they have to buy special tags and tag it to have it picked up.

Susan 10:38

Tups must have been butting the cam as it's off completely

Cindy 09:23


Milly 09:10

Oops ,its gone now

Milly 07:29

The dates wrong,on the cam !

Milly 07:28

Morning all !, White rabbits !

Kristin 02:55

Well, I do wish all a good and quiet weekend! I could not even drive my garbage to our local dump (yes, here in this little place, we still drive our own garbage to a local dump)! Anyway, looking forward to seeing those Tups, soon

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