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Shoutouts Archive (31st August 2019)

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31st August 2019

Helen 19:03

Not again! They haven't enough to do, those guys, and so they go around making trouble.

Neil 18:28

Have those Crafty Tups been playing with the webcam, I wonder, so we can't see what mischief they might be up to!...lol!

Helen 16:17

If they are golfing in the light showers, so sorry for them. Maybe gone 'malling' instead.

Helen 15:28

Kristin, I know what you mean. All my friends who live in small town and near beaches are overwhelmed with visitors this weekend - the last fling before school opens. Enjoy your own space. As for the tups, maybe they are gone golfing.

Kristin 15:03

Good morning/afternoon! The tups have disappeared. Helen, you and I have the same idea for a long weekend (we in the U.S. have one, too). Stay home! Unfortunately my mountain town attracts the tourists so gets even busier, but our house is still a quiet refuge.

Helen 11:55

To prepare for winter, but I'm not taking the winter part too seriously yet.

Helen 11:54

Good morning all, and good morning to the two tups and the sheep in the other field. I am going to spend the day bringing my balcony garden up to scratch and starting the prepare for winter.

Neil 10:25

Good Morning All, It sounds as though you're enjoying more peace by staying at home whilst other Folk travel...Good idea! Enjoy your Day Everyone...

Cindy 08:34


Milly 06:58

Morning all

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