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Shoutouts Archive (26th August 2019)

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26th August 2019

Helen 21:44

Sorry, Kristin - I forgot you do temperatures in Fahrenheit - 25c is just shy of 80.

Helen 21:43

It's been a beautiful day here in Toronto today, around 25 and not humid. Best kind of weather.

Kristin 15:57

It sounds like summer is reminding you there that she’s still around. Have a wonderful day.

Neil 12:42

Greetings All on this VERY Hot Sunny Afternoon, in Lincolnshire...far too hot for my liking,Hoping you are all able to survive your own local conditions...

Helen 10:36

Good morning, all Lambwatchers. Have a lovely day if you can.

Cindy 09:13


Milly 05:47

Ok ,goodnight then "B",

"B" 05:46

My sister lives at Huncoat. We haven't made it up to the farm but hope to one day. I'd better get off to bed... Goodnight

Milly 05:40

Yes,I'm inland a ot 20 minsfrom the farm ,

"B" 05:38

Yes it's been very warm there - hard to sleep if it' too hot... I.m from Wirral so there was always a breeze but inland it gets very muggy.

Milly 05:34


Milly 05:33

Im aeake early this morning iys very watm here

Milly 05:32

Yes "B"it will be nearly your bedyime !

"B" 05:31

I'm six hours behind UK time.

"B" 05:29

Morning Milly - we are at oposite ends of our day...

Milly 05:28

Morning all

"B" 04:14

I admire your attitude to the farm vehicle, but not very polite on the drivers part...

Helen 02:37

Oh, ha ha, someone will enjoy this....I was driving in the countryside, on a rural road (short cut to my favorite town) last Tuesday when a very large farm vehicle loaded with about 40 rolled bales of hay pulled out in front of me. We had a chance to study the bales in great detail, and the bits of chaff which were flying off onto our windshield. We had about 20 miles of this - it was, after all, a 'back road'!'. I loved it, especially as I was not in a hurry.

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