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Shoutouts Archive (23rd August 2019)

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23rd August 2019

Helen 23:46

Thanks for the link, Dan. It looks like a lovely spot for him to be having fun and frolics.

Helen 19:51

Thanks for the link, Dan - it sounds like a lovely spot for your very special tup.

Kristin 15:35

Boris will make some beautiful new Borerays! You are right to be proud of him.

Susan 15:15

they sound really happy with sunshine beating down

Susan 15:15

Just heard the sheep bleating.

Gradon 14:44

Thankyou for the info on Boris;s new home; Dan, It looks a lovely place to be

Susan 13:36

Interesting read .Hope they put a photo of Boris in their gallery ould be lovely to see him settled down

Dan 13:22

Here is some more info about Boris's new home: [link]

Milly 13:11

I can't hear a thing !

Neil 12:19

I heard a bleat @ approx 121634...Well Done Dan, once again for restoring the sound...no, I didn't mean for giving us a Bleat...lol!....

Gradon 12:16

Good Afternoon and what a lovely day, all set for warming up for the Bank Holiday weekend! A Very Best of wishes to Boris, the home grown Boreray Ram, who has now left the farm for the first time. To spend a new life in Wales

Neil 11:36

Good Morning Folk...Baaa!. Thansk for the update Dan, I heard a few bleats about 2 days ago, but then thought it was my p.c. playing up not to have heard any more,but many thanks, anyway, for the beauty you do provide in enabling us to enjoy your Flock, Much Appreciated...Have a Good Day, All...

Cindy 08:48


Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Milly 05:52

Morning all

"B" 02:47

Thanks Dan for the update.

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