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Shoutouts Archive (11th August 2019)

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11th August 2019

Helen 23:04

No Hamish tonight - he must be out and about.

Helen 20:04

There was sound on the camera on Friday night, for sure, as I had to turn it off here to look at a video on Youtube. Let's hope it's just wet.

Helen 20:03

Has the rain stopped - I see hints of a sunset and a tiny patch of blue.

Milly 19:16

That rain was enough to kill anything,lol

Milly 19:15

I wont be suprised

Dan 19:15

Maybe it will come back after it tries out/ Perhaps it's got water damage

Milly 19:14

Plenty if sheep out now

Milly 19:07

Not sure

Milly 19:06

I think 2 days Dan

Dan 18:52

looks like another duff camera :'(

Dan 18:49

Oh that's not good. how long has the sound been off?

Milly 14:48

No sound on rhe cam !

Gradon 13:54


Gradon 13:54

At the end of last February. The UK experienced a mini heatwave with temps in the mid 20s,How saspns have changrd!

Helen 12:36

I was in Queenstown one year in August. We had to borrow winter clothes from our hosts so that we go outdoors. Cold and snowy, just like Canada (except that we had just left summer at home.)

Neil 11:45

Thanks for the link Susan, Sorry I can't provide a link to the tv report i saw, but hope no one is suffering too much anywhere.

Susan 11:36

Queenstown is the Winter playground for tourists and people that live in NZ

Helen 11:31

Sorry about the rain. Snow in NZ, too - a friend's grandson in NZ wrote to say that they are going to have their Christmas dinner tonight, as the weather looks right.

Susan 11:10

for pictures of the snow in Vic

Susan 11:10


Susan 11:05

Not snowing in NSW but it is in Victoria which is Melbourne.Cousins have rung this morning before they went to bed.

Neil 09:44

Good Morning Folk, Alas, another wet one...don't feel too despondent, it could be worse...it oculd be snowing as it is in NSW, Australia, accoring to a news report this morning...Try & have a Good Day...Baaaa!

Cindy 09:07


Milly 07:05

Still raining !

Milly 07:05

Morning all

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