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Shoutouts Archive (9th August 2019)

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9th August 2019

Helen 22:35

It must be Hamish's night out. No sign of him and it's nearly 11.00 p.m.

Helen 20:00

I'm amused at the ways in which we express weather terms. Here we talk about "rain showers", whereas the forecast for Earby is 'shower rain' (as opposed to pelting-down-all-out-drenching rain, I guess.)

Helen 18:17

That green grass looks so lovely.

Helen 15:51

Safe and beautiful trip, Kristin. Enjoy every minute.

Milly 15:37

Afternoon Neil,

Milly 15:36

Sorry Kristin,enjoy your trip !

Milly 15:33

Im under the table,, oh i hate it

Milly 15:32

Uh oh , a thunder storm and lightening, torrential rain too

Kristin 15:26

Hello all. I see the sheep at the far end of the field. Beautiful. I will be away on a camping trip in a remote part of Colorado that has no internet or cell coverage for 3 days. So nothing from me. But I hope everyone stays well and the sheep stay happy

Gradon 12:33

Good Day Fellow Sheep watchers, today was forecast to be a wet day the weather had a different idea with torrential rain throughout the night the sheep are all currently sitting by the wall, with exception of 1, that is I think, Hamish,sitting in the middle of the field!

Neil 11:39

Good Morning Milly, & Everyone, Yes, I heard torrential rain at one point here in Stamford overnight, but now sunny but a very blustery wind, Hoping you All have a Good Day, whatever your weather...

Milly 11:25

Torrential rain now blue sky !

Helen 11:15

Good morning, all.

Cindy 09:04


Milly 09:01

Morning all

Milly 09:00

What a day !!

Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Helen 03:53

Hamish on guard in the pouring rain. Brave man.

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