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Shoutouts Archive (7th August 2019)

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7th August 2019

Helen 17:43

He gets around, that guy. [link]

Gradon 17:02

Good Afternoon all,several lovely nighttime close up selvies I see on CamGrabs Showcase recently inlcuding several of Hamish!

Kristin 13:13

Hello all. Quite a flock of sheep out there enjoying the day at the moment. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Neil 10:47

Whoops" slight correction on my last statement, 2 sheep in sight distance top left @ 1046, easier to see during a very brief show of Sunshine...

Neil 10:42

Good Morning Folk, No sheep in sight at the moment, no doubt enjoying better tasting pastures or having a rest...Wishing you All a Good Day...

Cindy 08:53


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 07:41


Milly 07:40

Morning 3

"B" 02:36

Hamish has some characteristics of a willow-the-wisp, he's gone again...

Helen 02:20

Hamish is there, and he's not alone - it's a bit spooky to see those eyes glistening, but he has company.

Helen 00:11

Checking for Hamish, but it's raining, creating a screen filled with diamonds, and no eye-catching images.

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