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Shoutouts Archive (5th August 2019)

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5th August 2019

Helen 19:45

For me it's a day to sit on my balcony and read, but there are lots of events downtown and by the lakeshore.

Helen 18:55

Hi, Kristin! We are celebrating what is called "Civic" holiday, which means that every city and town and tiny village has a holiday to celebrate its own unique history, traditions and culture. It is just a made-up holiday to give people an extra weekend in the middle of summer, to have a little extra time in the sunshine. And beautiful day it is, here, too.

"B" 16:22


"B" 16:21

Hello All, Canada has provincial holidays on the first Mon. in Aug. They all have a different name, it is Terry Fox Day here in Manitpba. Terry Fox was a young man who had lost a leg to cancer & tried to run across Canada as a fund raiser, unfortunately the cancer returned & he was unable to finish his run.

Kristin 15:50

Hello, all. It looks like a blustery day there. What holiday are you celebrating there in Toronto, Helen?

Helen 12:36

Hello all! Have a lovely Monday. It is a holiday here in Ontario. Not much happening at 7.30 a.m.

Cindy 08:51


Debbie 08:30

Good morning

Milly 07:09

Morning all

Milly 07:08

Oh,Thanks Dan ,I'll be there ,all being well ,

Kristin 05:22

I wish you the best for your showing at Trawden, Dan. I really value what you do in promoting these more rare breeds.

Helen 03:02

Hamish is dead centre in front of the cam. I think he keeps an eye on us overnight.

Dan 01:36

Trawden is next Sunday Milly.

Helen 00:39

Hamish is not on watch tonight - or not yet.

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