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Shoutouts Archive (4th August 2019)

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4th August 2019

Milly 22:34

I would have been going to Trawden ,Dan but didn't get back from Newquay till 7 pm, !

Helen 20:10

Would love to be there. Good luck and win lots of prizes!

Dan 20:07

It was a short but sweet storm - passed now We've been preparing our animals and selecting some to take to Trawden Show today. Any local lambwatchers visiting Trawden Show? We will be taking 7 animals

Helen 20:02

Thanks for link Margaret. What the area doesn't need is more rain.

Margaret 19:36

Link shows the storm practically over the top of the farm

Helen 17:59

Lovely green pasture out there, but unless the sheep are flat out on the ground in the upper right corner, I don't see any.

Kristin 17:13

Good morning. Helen, I do see that brown patch where Hamish likes to lay down. He’s a funny one.

Helen 13:20

Have a great day, everyone.

Cindy 08:51


Neil 07:59

Good Morning Milly, Good Morning All, I see the Sun is shining, Wishing You All a Good Day...

Milly 05:55

Morning all

Helen 02:33

No Hamish. He's a bit like Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream - he appears and disappears at will.

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