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Shoutouts Archive (3rd August 2019)

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3rd August 2019

Helen 23:56

Hamish is centre stage at the moment - right in the zone, full head shot and easy to see in the light..

Helen 15:56

Kristin, there's a brown patch where he often sits - do you think he is wearing out his spot? He was keeping guard when I looked earlier, too.

Kristin 14:26

He must have heard me say that as he got up and walked off with some others.

Kristin 14:25

Good morning and, well, who do I see? Is that Hamish playing star sheep again? Are we certain he has not actually rooted to this spot of ground?

Gradon 12:27

Good Morning all, I think it was about this time yesterday when two arms appeared from under the cam and carried out some electrical repairs, I thought for a moment the cam must have been repairing itself! Seconds thoughts it must have been Dan! Thankyou again Dan

Neil 10:41

Good Morning Folk, sorry I think I missed saying Hello y'day...thanks for succeeding iwth the cam again Dan, It was a busy day for me y'day, ending up with some Orca's being seen on some of the Shetland webcams! Wishing you all a Good Day, at least with better weather, hopefully...

Cindy 09:00


"B" 04:48

Activity at the camera visual now scratching.

"B" 04:45

Hamish or friend still keeping his eye on things....

Helen 01:50

Hamish is sitting there, hiding behind a smudge on the cam, but clearly visible, with his gleaming eye keeping an eye on me.

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