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Shoutouts Archive (1st August 2019)

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1st August 2019

Kristin 23:50

Three sets of glowing eyes—Hamish is having a late night party out there!

Gradon 23:47

They were about at about 21.36 onwards!

Gradon 23:45

Thank you Dan,Lovely to see the sheep again before nightfall, also a real closeup of a youngster with a white face and hornbuds, must be one of this years lambs too young for Hamish, could we need a new name! Also Boris is cloe by!

Helen 12:17

Greetings all.

Neil 11:03

Good Morning All, at least to those like me lucky enough not to be suffering yet another spate of flooding, My heart & thoughts go out to All involved. This apart, hoping You all Have a Good Day.

Cindy 08:42


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 07:09

Morning all from Newquay!

Kristin 03:58

Glad to hear that you are not in threat of flooding, Dan. I am well aware of my own safe situation with that issue as compared to people not far away living in a canyon where it all flushes through. Well happy day to all there as I get tired here and ready to sleep in the next couple of hours!

Helen 03:17

Good night sheep. I bet in this mixed up world you know what time of the night it is. Hamish will have it covered, I'm sure.

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