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Shoutouts Archive (30th July 2019)

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30th July 2019

Helen 21:45

Is it raining now? It looks like it from the cam.

Susan 20:35

Just had thunder/lightening for the last 2 hours which made Tv go haywire.

Helen 17:18

There's a bit of an unfriendly challenge going on - something about horns.

Helen 17:16

Well, there they are. lovely to see them

Milly 16:44

Yes ,i think you do,Gradon !

Gradon 16:29

Not only a good view of the sheep but do I see Boris, the front ram in centre of the shot!

Helen 14:45

I see sheep!

Milly 14:20

Rain like stair rods !!! ,thunder and lightening ,

Milly 14:17

My worst nightmare!caught out in the storm when shopping !!! , ,phew !!

Helen 12:35

Hello, everyone. I'm late arriving today. Pouring rain here which is a welcome break for us.

Kristin 12:26

Good morning/day to everyone. It looks like a blustery and gray day today.

Neil 11:03

Good Morning All,...Milly, Helen, Cindy, Debbie, Dan...& Everyone I've missed mentioning, Hope youre All having a Good Day....

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:33

Good morning

Milly 08:16

Lots of sheep ,near the tree's

Milly 08:14

Morning "B" and all

"B" 04:23

Hamish & friend are visiting.

Helen 00:34

Hamish is on guard again - one shining eye.

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