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Shoutouts Archive (27th July 2019)

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27th July 2019

Helen 23:04

No sign of sign of Hamish Dougal McMarlfield, but lots of diamonds in the rain.

Helen 17:42

The grass already looks greener, with the rain.

Helen 14:22

Welcome rain.

Neil 09:23

Good Morning Folk, A much cooler one, thankfully, & I guess so think all the sheep....Enjoy....

Cindy 08:48


Milly 08:02

Morning all

"B" 04:57

Good night Helen; don't hear the birds, maybe my computer- I lie, just heard a crow...

Helen 04:48

Oh, it's getting light and the birds are up. Time I went to bed.

Helen 04:46

The 'eyes' have it. (Sorry, been watching too much British Parliamentary sittings!)

Helen 02:23

Goodnight, boys.

Helen 02:22

I see them - two of them, not as close as they were a few minutes ago.

Helen 02:21

He must be up close - he just called us!

Kristin 02:08

I was squinting to see him Helen, and then he opened a glowing eye.

Helen 02:03

Hamish Dougal is out there with a friend, keeping watch on the cam for the night.

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