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Shoutouts Archive (26th July 2019)

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26th July 2019

Helen 22:02

Lots of bugs this evening.

Helen 19:05

No red truck but three sheep moving swiftly to the left, down field.

Milly 16:52

I see Dan and his red truck !

Milly 16:46

Thanks Kristin ,we can actually breath today,thank goodness for that !

Helen 16:18

No sheep, no red vehicle, nothing but green and a breeze.

Kristin 14:58

Good morning/afternoon to you, Milly, and everyone. Eight sheep but all under the tree except two who like the sun. Iā€™m happy to hear your temps are a bit better.

Helen 14:33

No red four-wheeler, but six sheep, five under the tree.

Gradon 14:02

Hello that red four whelled animal is about again! Also plenty of flys buzzing the cam!

Helen 12:52

I missed all the fun described below in the posts, being five hours behind you. I'm glad about the weather improving a little - it sounds as though the worst is over. I have some elderly friends in Germany who are finding this very difficult. I'm glad the sheep are OK - particularly the rare breeds, who would never have encountered temperatures like the ones you've been having.

Gradon 11:04

Good Morning,Thankyou Dan for tending to the cam, was that a new breed I just saw, a red 4 wheel Nissan variety with a bare chested Dan, again,After another thunderstorm about 5am this morning,tes things are a little fresher now with a temp in the mis 20s,

Neil 10:41

Good, yes, a slightly better Morning All, now that it is so far cooler, though still very humid & close in the UK, Hopefully aanother rain shower just starting will help to clear the air, Hopefully you all are able to cope & enjoy your Day, Thanks Dan for re-activating the webcam...until the next power cut no doubt in these close & stormy conditions...., & of coyrse, as just said keeping a vigilant eye on the Sheep themselves....

Dan 10:39

I was a bit worried yesterday in the heat but today is much more tolerable for them. I did more checks yesterday to make sure nobody was or had conked out

Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Milly 08:45

*this heat !!

Milly 08:44

Sheep looking for shade,i don't blame them,it's a bit too much

Milly 08:41

Thanks Dan šŸ˜Š

Cindy 08:38


Dan 07:39

Good morning all. Back online

Milly 06:32

Morning kristin and all

Kristin 04:25

That happens to us here in the mountains all the time with severe weather. We will all survive and thanks for having the camera that we enjoy.

Dan 03:32

Just had a power cut so we will be offline TIL morning!

Kristin 02:15

Hamish Dougal seems to have disappeared and I hear rain. Drops on the lens, too.

Helen 00:27

He's back. Lots of bugs about, too.

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