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Shoutouts Archive (25th July 2019)

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25th July 2019

Helen 20:52

No sign of Hamish Dougal Marlfield this evening, but he's bound to show up sometime tonight.

Milly 18:23

I think there's a squirrel about !

Milly 18:21

I remember that Sue!

Susan 18:05

Dougal always reminds me of the Dog in one of the kids programmes when my kids were littel,think it was called Magic Roundabout,

Margaret 17:08

You're welcome Milly.

Margaret 17:08

I've been following the storm .... I use this one Milly

Milly 17:08

Thanks Margaret

Milly 17:07

I guess I'll be in the pantry !

Milly 17:06

Sorry didn't work,storm's in the northwest

Milly 17:05


Helen 16:06

Thanks for fixing the cam, Dan.

Helen 16:05

I'm really partial to Hamish, myself, (Susan's suggestion) but so long as he has a name, and doesn't just remain 'the sheep', I'm happy.

Milly 15:54

For getting the cam back on !

Milly 15:53

Thanks Dan!

Milly 15:52

Yes Dougal's ok 😊

Kristin 15:42

I like the name “Dougal” a lot if we are renaming our camera star! That was Helen’s suggestion, not mine. The name makes me laugh.

Gradon 14:58

Hankyou Dan, the cam is back with us

Gradon 14:53

⁰It did reach 32c here in Stamford a short time ago and 38c in the car, also clouding over

Neil 14:43

According to the weather info on TV., U.K's current heat wave has been carried from North Africa by the Gulf Stream

Helen 14:38

It's on its way back here to eastern Canada but at the moment we have temps in the low 20s so are enjoying it while we can.

Neil 14:31

Hi Folk, I don't have a thermometer at hand otherthan my "human sensor",...yes it's HOT!...Hope you're managing to stay comfortable!

Susan 14:28

36c here

Helen 14:12

Well, I hear one, even if they have disappeared.

Susan 13:51

No pic

Milly 13:25

Phew ! its getting warm npw 32C where i am !!

Milly 13:22

Is it my phone or is there no pic ?

Helen 11:47

Oh, I like Hamish! That's a good one.

Susan 09:38


Cindy 08:50


Milly 08:45

Haha,,,,well Dan we can have , big Boris and little Boris

Helen 08:43

Well, let's find another name for that wether that likes to hang around so often, graze in front of the camera, and adjust the view when he does't like the angle. How about Dougal? Would that be appropriate for a St. Kilda Island sheep?

Gradon 08:36

Thankyou Dan,a lovely photo of Boris, I still like Cameron! I am not being political, But! He is often there when the Cam-er-on!

Debbie 08:29

Good morning

Dan 07:28

he's also in the lambwatchfield but a bit more elusive, you can't miss him though - he has massive horns

Dan 07:26

Morning all - we already have a tup called Boris at the farm!

Milly 06:31

Yes ,Boris sticks in my head ,,I will always call him that !

Milly 06:28

Morning "B"and all

"B" 04:09

Camera seems stuck at 21:18:27 Helen, your settings are OK.

Helen 00:54

Camera must be off - it should be 1.00 a.m. there and it's still broad daylight. Maybe I've done something here to change my settings?

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