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Shoutouts Archive (24th July 2019)

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24th July 2019

Helen 23:18

Oh, he does indeed, "B". A little nudge, this way and that.

"B" 21:40


"B" 21:38

Boris also likes refocing the camera - The hill is steeper again.!

Helen 21:04

I think Boris would be a wonderful name for that wether - and I am making no political statements whatever. He just looks like a Boris.

Helen 21:03

Surviving the heat - sleeping through it is a good way to cope. I do hope it leaves you soon.

"B" 21:01

Just saw our camera hogging sheep, having a snack of long grass...

Gradon 15:41

Goodness, that certainly was a heavy storm last night with plenty of thunder, 30.2c in the shade currently, stay cool!

Kristin 15:33

Hello, all. Milly, I like the name Boris for our webcam-famous Boreray. And now, they are out in the field with the tractor, mulching up clumps of grass, maybe? Stay cool all who are suffering the heat!

Neil 14:33

A very late Good Day from me on a sweltering hot day in Stamford, kind of middle England, with mention that it will be hotter tomorrow...Oh! I wish to be in Shetland right now, despite their rain...thanks for the mention & link Helen, Yes Susan we had thunder overnight but I had been made so tired by the heat from yesterday that I thankfully slept through most of it. I hope you are coping with your weather where ever you are & able to spot the sheep when they decide to appear!

Susan 14:27

Thats because we have had Thunder /Lightening over night and it has moved up and over Scotland now.

Helen 12:46

Looking at the Shetland puffin cam, it seems to be raining, and the puffins are all standing around looking bored. [link]

Helen 12:43

I'm wondering, Dan, why you would keep a wether, unless it's just for company for the others?

Helen 12:42

Thanks for the link, Milly - it seems the storms have moved to the east.

Susan 12:30

sorry that should have been dumped

Susan 12:13

Dan have you heard about those Hebredean sheep that have been duped in a field in PANNAL ,seemingly they have been mistreated.

Helen 11:54

He is - thanks, Dan.

Milly 10:57

He looks more like a Boris, Gradon, with the hair ,lol

Gradon 09:07

Morning all, Could I suggest Camraon for a name!

Cindy 09:05


Milly 08:55


Milly 08:54

This ,that likes the cam ,should have a name,lets call him Boris !!

Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Milly 06:46

Plenty of lightening last night !

Milly 06:44

Morning all,

Milly 06:43


Dan 02:24

Light show at LambWatch hq

Dan 01:39

The sheep is a boreray wether... a castrated male.... from 2018. So he doesn’t have a name. He is handsome though! As are all the Borerays.

Helen 00:21

I think she's the one who hangs around that spot at night, too.

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