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Shoutouts Archive (23rd July 2019)

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23rd July 2019

Helen 21:16

I saved that camgrab of the beautiful sheep. Would love to know her name.

Helen 21:05

Wish I knew the name of this beautiful sheep. Horns and beautiful soft colours.

Helen 21:04

I think they are going to readjust the camera.

Helen 21:03

Sheep are back - and in my face. Hurrah!

Helen 19:51

Thank you - that's a great descriptive word - haybobbing indeed. Makes sense out spread out the cut grass - thanks for the explanation, Dan.

Dan 18:00

the attachment is called a haybob - it spreads... VV

Dan 18:00

b - it spreads ofut the grass so it dries quicker. you can also use it to create rows ready for baling/

Dan 18:00

the sheep are still in. ive only cut part of the field. they are munching on bits of the cut grass.

Helen 17:18

Obviously the sheep have all been moved.

Helen 17:17

Well, actually he's on a tractor but I don't recognise the attachment. Is that a strimmer?

Helen 17:16

Dan's out in the field in a machine that I don't recognise, not being a farmer.

Gradon 15:43

Well! Jumped into the car this afternoon to a cool 41 degrees, stay cool folks!

Kristin 15:29

Good day everyone. Lovely blue sky there today and the field is looking nice. Stay cool in your heat.

Helen 12:29

Well, I missed all the activity but it looks a lot better now!

Gradon 10:17

Morning all,That could be Howard with a rake!

Milly 10:12

There's Dan with the strimmer !

Neil 09:06

Good Morning All, Another hot day in the U.K. on it's way! Wishing You All a Good Day, whatever your weather....

Debbie 09:05

Good morning

Cindy 08:57


Milly 07:07

Morning all

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