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Shoutouts Archive (22nd July 2019)

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22nd July 2019

Helen 23:05

Well, in that heat, better than walking.

Gradon 21:12

Did not travel far Helen, Just to deliver 6 parcels to the post office!

Helen 21:10

That's a hot sunset. I mean that in the literal sense - when the sun goes down looking like that, the temperature is going to be high overnight and tomorrow. Gradon, stay out of the car if it's 35c.

Helen 21:08

I can't wait either. It will be beautiful.

Gradon 21:07

That sounds wonderful Dan,Can,t wait to see it in full bloom!

Dan 21:06

we seeded the top section with a lovely wild flower and grass mix suitable for clay soils and it is doing reallly well - in time they will spread to the rest of the field - there are ox eye daisies, self heal, yarrow, napweed and allsorts in it.

Gradon 21:05

What a lovely sunset!The temp was 35 degrees in the car today!

Helen 21:03

I did see the dock leaves, Dan, so I quite understand your concern. I hope it all grows back beautifully. Did you burn them off?

Dan 21:02

oops, yes - we have mown the top sqare of this field in order to get rid of some of the dock leaves which are taking over it a bit. I want to restore it to a balanced meadow so have been working hard at removing dock leaves without chemicals, It;s time consuming and will take a few years but am making progres. we will be getting rid of the grass as we dont want it to enrich the soil. the cut grass that is. we have enough hay!

Helen 21:01

I miss those grasses!

Helen 20:09

It's hard to tell what happened - mown or not? Certainly less grass than we have been seeing.

Susan 19:33

Have already melted and in a heap

Gradon 19:10

Also we have a flat field again! Thankyou Dan, for correcting the cam angle

Gradon 19:07

Good Evening Oh Dan has been mowing again, or the grass nearer the cam has grown shorter and the cut grass has been turned, If smoke was seen earlier that could have been dried grass dust!

Margaret 18:45

Looking at it when the pic is zoomed, I'm not sure it was a fire or it's just rutted.

Margaret 18:41

There has been a fire on the field. Whether deliberate or not is not known, yet. It must have happened around one o'clock.

Helen 16:58

Well, we had a week of it, too, and it got hotter, but it's gone, so hang in. I can see from looking at the cam that at least there is a stiff breeze.

Susan 13:33

Trouble is it's lasting all week.

Helen 13:13

You're right, Neil, and I'm sorry, but it made its way eastward across our Atlantic provinces and now it's your turn. However, it doesn't last.

Neil 11:45

Good Morning Folk, I think some of your heat,Helen, is coming our way to the U.K., as it is certainly hot & becoming hotter here today! Hoping you're having a good day where ever you are

Debbie 09:20

Good morning

Cindy 08:49


Milly 06:36

Morning all

Kristin 03:46

Thank you, Helen. I think it is supposed to cool down this week. I don’t see any sheep, but agree the raindrops on the lens are pretty!

Helen 01:44

Raindrops - diamonds on the lens.

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