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Shoutouts Archive (20th July 2019)

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20th July 2019

Helen 12:52

Dan might be away for the weekend. The camera will get sorted eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy your day.

Kristin 12:36

Good morning, all. I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing the sheep again when the camera is back.

Neil 10:08

Good Morning Milly & Everyone, I hope you, Helen, are managing the heat you mentioned yesterday...far too hot for my liking, but I'm thinking of you, Wishing Everyone a Good Day, & looking forward ot seeing the sheep & lambs again when Dan has the time to sort the cam...very much appreciated...

Cindy 08:50


Milly 08:33

No pic 😥

Milly 06:37

We are to get the heatwave,next week !

Milly 06:33

Morning Helen and all

Helen 03:18

Wise woman! I stayed indoors with the windows shut and read a book, with a fan running to keep me going. It's 84F at 10.30 EDT.

Kristin 01:21

I understand, Helen. Everyone seeks comfort where they can. I didn’t have to go to work today, so stayed home and didn’t fight our crowds escaping the heat.

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