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Shoutouts Archive (19th July 2019)

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19th July 2019

Helen 18:02

Stream's down, heat's up, and Kristin, I'd be heading for the mountains, too, if we had any. Here in Toronto people head to the lake, where the temp is a bit cooler and one can splash around.

Milly 17:11

Clock on the cam's at 10.39 this morning !

Milly 17:08

Something s happening to the world ,for sure ,

Kristin 16:33

Stay cool, Helen. Yes, down on “the plains” here in Colorado we are supposed to be 98F today, I live in the mountains at 8,400 feet elevation w=here our high will be in the mid-80 degrees F, which means all the hot people from down below will drive up here to cool off!

Milly 14:33

Oh gosh ,thats too hot !!

Helen 11:56

It's going to be 34c here today, feeling like the mid-40s. Getting close to the 100F range for our American friends, but they have it, too!

Neil 10:27

Good Morning Milly, Helen & Everyone, Wishing You All a Good Day....

Cindy 09:06


Milly 07:25

Morning Helen and all

Helen 03:47

Our sheep is back in her favorite spot, eye gleaming through the grass.

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