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Shoutouts Archive (13th July 2019)

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13th July 2019

Helen 20:08

Gradon, she sounds like the one I saw last evening, sitting peacefully and contentedly at the edge of the long grasses.

Kristin 15:44

Great to hear Georgies lambs have new friends. Happy day to all.

Gradon 15:09

Helen, Overnight, I am not sure but she arrived just before midday, there she stayed until 13.25 when she was disturbed, She is a horned white faced sheep.before miday

Helen 14:08

Gradon, I think the sheep you are describing was there for much of the night as well. I don't see her now.

Helen 14:07

Thanks so much, Lynda, for keeping us updated. I feel badly about Georgie - a loss to your little flock, but at least the lambs are OK.ie

Gradon 12:20

Good Afternoon all, Many thanks Lynda for the lamb update, could anyone please tell me, the name of the sheep currently sitting in the tallgrass, as she always seems to pick the same patch each day!

Neil 11:57

Many thanks, Lynda, for the better news update, I think we were all very upset to hear about poor Georgie's fate, & wondering how Her lambs are coping.

Milly 11:03

Thank you Lynda, it was a bit upsetting, but now alls well 😊

Lynda 10:53

They are ok now and have teamed up with the lambs from Georgies best mate, Gaynor

Lynda 10:52

hi all.. Milly, dont worry, the lamb you can hear crying is from a neighbours farm. It had misplaced its mother but all is well now Georgies lambs had been weaned before we lost her and thus were not dependent on her hor milk but just missed her company for a day or two.

Cindy 09:07


Milly 08:46

Morning Neil,

Neil 07:44

Good Morning Milly.....

Milly 07:27

Poor lamb's ,still crying

Milly 06:35

Good morning all

Neil 05:55

Good Morning All, I can hear a lamb calling for it's Mum...no odubt wanting some breakfast milk!..Hopefully a Good Day for Everyone....

Kristin 03:17

I see it, Helen. Peering at us just beyond the tall grasses. Kind of spooky-looking, actually, that glowing eye staring back at us.

Helen 02:56

Oh, my, there's a bright eye - in fact, a whole head - buried in the grasses. Someone is having a midnight snack (well, nearly 3.00 a.m.)

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