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Shoutouts Archive (11th July 2019)

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11th July 2019

Helen 22:28

I see the sheep, under the trees. Is the camera askew or is it my funny eyes? I feel as though I should be lying down to see this properly!

Milly 20:59

Suns going down behind the tree's

Milly 17:59

Thanks Dan

Milly 16:44

Live stream not available?....it says

Helen 15:23

Hi, everyone - I've got a very clear picture here at 15.25 your time, and signs of a pretty stiff breeze blowing the grasses. We could use a bit of that breeze here in Toronto.

Neil 14:47

Hello Folk, As Kristin says, hopefully it will be a better day today, thouugh, of course we will always be mourning the loss of poor Georgie. Yes Susan, At least I know I'm not the only one receivign what is called the "Buffering circle" I belive, presumably meaning there are sadly still problems with the webcam, I still hear the occasional bshep bleating, though. Good Luck Dan when oyu have tiem to sort out the cam again, many thanks, much appreciated.

Susan 14:44

All I am getting on the pcture is a half circle going round and round

Kristin 12:26

Good morning to everybody. I hope it is a better day there at the farm.

Debbie 08:52

Good morning

Cindy 08:48


Milly 08:21

Morning all

Helen 00:13

The tall grasses in front of the cam are so beautiful at night, in the infrared light.

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