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Shoutouts Archive (6th July 2019)

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6th July 2019

Helen 21:04

Glad you saw them, Kristin. You'd never know what catches their fancy - treats, maybe?

Milly 18:10

Thank you Gradon

Kristin 14:41

Good morning. I visited just in time to see a whole flock of lambs running from the wall toward the big tree (I assume). Something had their attention. Beautiful day there.

Gradon 13:18

Milly, all the news about the Newbies and the lambs is mentioned in Dan,s latest blog

Gradon 13:13

Good Afternoon,the rain has gone, now for a nice fresh sunny afternoon!

Helen 12:34

Morning, all. Well, morning where I am.

Neil 09:39

Good Morning All...Hoping oyu all have a Good Day....

Cindy 08:34


Milly 08:28

Have yiu still got the Boray a d ronaldsway lambs ?

Milly 08:25

How many new sheep did you get ,Dan?

Milly 08:22

Oh no ! I forgot a out that

Dan 08:21

Overnight rain not good for hay!

Milly 06:12

Its raining, but will clear up !

Milly 06:11

Morning all

"B" 05:28

Sheep are up for breakfast albeit a little damp!

Kristin 04:20

I agree Helen. But at 4:17am Lamwatch time they are barely moving so maybe a still day ahead?

Helen 00:52

The grasses look so pretty in the infrared light as they move in the breeze.

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