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Shoutouts Archive (4th July 2019)

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4th July 2019

Gradon 21:17

I believe you are right Helen, that has just come out today!

Helen 19:46

I love it that we still have a buttercup in front of the cam.

Milly 18:09

Ah ok Dan .

Dan 18:03

mowing for hay!

Dan 17:59

Hi Milly, we won't be taking any sheep this year. if we are we will be going as visitors, but we probably won't be this year.

Milly 16:06

Dan ,are you in Skipton on sunday?for sheep day ?

Gradon 12:07

Aha , Dan in the background with a strinmer

Gradon 12:03

Good day and a very Happy Dependence day, sounds like a high powered hair dryer in the background, is it getting nearer!

Neil 11:38

Good Morning Everyone, May I extend my Wishes that Helen initially made, for a Happy Independence Day for all our U.S.A. followers... & A Good Day, Everyone..,.,

Debbie 09:18

Good morning

Cindy 08:47


Milly 07:19

Morning all

Kristin 03:43

Thank you, Helen. I’m only claiming to be from Colorado these days. But no more of that. Just saw the glowing eyes of a couple of wandering sheep go by at 3:40am Lambwatch time. Looks like a bit of morning light in the sky already there and our sky is light with dusk and a setting sun here.

Helen 01:13

Happy Fourth of July to all our US Lambwatchers, wherever they are!

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