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Shoutouts Archive (3rd July 2019)

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3rd July 2019

Neil 18:56

A BIG Welcome to The Soay Girls who look very attractive & am sure will be happy in their new home where they will be well looked after.

Helen 16:35

I think the new ones are very pretty, slim and graceful looking.

Gradon 16:29

Lovely new additions to the farm,Dan. I have also left a few words in the comment section as you were surprised it was still empty!

Milly 15:01

Brilliant thanks Dan 😊

Helen 13:58

These are lovely little sheep with their French names. I hope they settle in well.

Neil 13:51

Hello Everyone, Well Done with the cam thanks Dan, Much Appreciated. Hopefullyit hasn't taken up too much of your valuable farming time in sorting it for us. Having just seen your new Soay Sheep feture I'm looking forward to reading it,...Good Luck with their upkeep.

Dan 12:42

It is a new breed Kristin yes, Soays. We knew about them and since we saw some in person last year, we wanted to get some

Kristin 12:24

Dan, the new sheep are striking! Is this a new breed for the farm? Good morning everyone.

Dan 11:11

New news posted with quick update at the bottom!

Dan 10:00

Hi all, no idea what's wrong with the camera

Debbie 09:04

Good morning

Cindy 08:51


Milly 07:18

Morning all

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