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Shoutouts Archive (29th June 2019)

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29th June 2019

Neil 21:14

Same with me, Helen,I'm going see if I can sleep now ready for hopefuly an earlier & cooler start tomorrow...Goodnight All

Helen 20:09

I love to look at them, but I'm not a sailor.

Neil 18:26

Hi Helen, sounds interesting, I happened to be in Newcaste uponTyne when they were there in the mid 1980's, & I belive my Cousin in Duluth helped with the rigging on 1 a few years ago.

Helen 17:52

Neil, we are expecting the Tall Ships here in Toronto Harbour for the Canada Day weekend. I'm not going to look, but am happy that they are here - everyone loves them.

Kristin 16:36

Sleepy sheep just lying in the grass.

Neil 16:07

they will soon be seen on the Fjara/Sea Level cam, those cams that have a white bar at the bottom of the sceen like Lambwatch can be re-wound.

Neil 15:46

Town Hall East cam gives the best view at the mo, sometimes Vic Pier or Harbour.

Neil 15:44

sorry to steal from the Lambwatch but anyone interested there are a lot of yachts on www.shetlandwebcams.co.uk, on either the Town Hall East, Lerwick Harbour, VictoriaPier & other cams at various cam changes...preparing for setting off on anotehr race

Helen 15:27

Those sheep look so comfortable sitting in the unmown long grasses. I hope they are cool enough.

Helen 13:11

Stay cool, everyone. Lovely to see the sheep up close to the cam.

Kristin 12:10

Good morning. Looks like the sheep are hiding at the moment, but I hear them.

Neil 09:50

Oh dear, i do hope that poorly lookign sheep who looks rather blown & was there earlier, looking very sleepy, hasn't eaten too much for that lush green grass.

Cindy 09:16


Neil 07:48

Good Morning Milly, Good Morning All, inclduing Sheep whereever you are hiding on this sunny morning, Hope oyu had a good trip away, Helen, Have a Good Day Everyone....

Milly 06:25

Morning all

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